Maintaining organisations

Organisations have the opportunity to maintain their representation within the Helmholtz RSD. In order to achieve this, official representatives of the organisation can take on the role of maintainers of their organisation. This possibility extends to both Helmholtz organisations and other organisations alike.

How to claim an organisation

If you would like to claim an organisation, please contact us via and clearly provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Which organisation you represent

We will then contact you to arrange access for your organisation. We may reserve the right to demand proof for the right to manage the representation of your organisation (see Art. 4.4 in our Terms of Serviceopen in new window).

What can organisation maintainers do

To edit your organisations, open the organisation either via the Organisations list, or your the My organisations option in your User profile.

Screenshot of user menu

The RSD distinguishes between primary and invited maintainers. Here is an overview of what each of them can do:

Primary maintainerInvited maintainer
Edit About sectionxx
Upload/delete logoxx
Edit organisation metadataxx
Reject affiliations (software/project)xx
Pin/unpin software/projectsxx
Add new research unitsx
Invite maintainersxx
Remove maintainers (not primary)xx
Remove/change primary maintainer *
Change organisation URL path *

(*) These actions can only be perfomred by administators. If necessary, contact us via

Manage metadata

Under "Settings" you can edit:

NameWill be displayed when your organisation is referenced
ROR idUsed to display metadata in the organsation's card (see Edit logo)
WebsiteUsed in the organsation's card (see Edit logo)

Screenshot of organisation settings

Below the settings in the sidebar, you can edit the logo of your organisation:

Screenshot of organisation metadata card

You can upload a new logo Pencil icon, or remove Trash icon it. The RSD supports common image formats, e.g. jpg, png or svg.


If possible, please upload an SVG version of your organisation's logo for optimal visual presentation within the Helmholtz RSD.

Edit About Section

In the "About" section, relevant information about your organisation can be added in a free text form. To edit the content of the section, please navigate to "Settings" and scroll down to the "About page" section (see Manage metadata). The text can be formatted using the Markdown syntaxopen in new window.

Manage maintainers

As a maintainer, you can invite or remove other maintainers from your organisation. A list of existing maintainers will be shown:

Screenshot of organisation maintainers


The primary maintainer of an organisation cannot be removed (in this example "Maintainer 1"). If you want to exchange the primary maintainer, contact us via

To invite new maintainers, click on "Generate invite link". A link will be generated. You can either copy this link or click on

Mail invite

to open your mail program with a preformulated email.

Pin software or projects

To pin specific software or projects to the start of the respective list, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of a software or project card and click on Pin software / Pin project:

Pinning a software

It will then be shown at the beginning of the list and decorated with stars:

Screenshot of pinned software

If you no longer want to pin a software or project, click on the dots in the software card and click Unpin software / Unpin project.

Denying affiliations

An organisation maintainer can deny affiliations with software or projects. To do this, open the context menu of the respective software or project, and click on Deny affiliation. The entry will now be marked with a red sign:

Screenshot of a denied affiliation

When the affiliation with an entry has been denied, the

  • entry will not appear in the organisation lists
  • the organisation will not appear on the entry's page
  • the entry will not be included in metrics of the organisation

The denied affiliation will be visible to the organisation maintainer until the software/project maintainer removes the affiliation.

Add research units


Research units can only be added by the primary maintainer.

The RSD is capable of representing the organisational structure of an organisation. The structure is represented using Research units. A research unit has the same properties as an organisation and is maintained in the same manner, except for the fact that it has a parent organisation and is not listed on the organisations overview grid.

It is possible to create several levels of nested research units.

To create new research units, navigate to the Research units in the sidebar, and click on the + Add button in the upper right corner. You will be presented with a modal:


The RSD path (second input field) will be automatically populated while the name is ist typed, but can be adjusted afterwards.


You cannot edit the RSD Path afterwards.

If possible, a logo and a website URL can be added as well. These information can also be added at a later stage.