KeY is a deductive verification system for Java programs

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Kadi4Mat is an open-source software for managing research data, which supports close cooperation between experimenters, theorists, and simulators, especially in the field of materials science.

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The guidance system HELIPORT aims to make the entire life cycle of a scientific project according to the FAIR principles. In particular, our data management solution deals with the areas from the generation of the data to the publication of primary research data, the workflows and results.

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PaN Training Catalogue for the Photon & Neutron Community


The PaN Training Catalogue is a fork from the TeSS Training Catalogue (ELIXIR) and was initially developed in our Photon and Neutron (PaN) projects ExPaNDS and PaNOSC.

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SampleDB is a web-based electronic lab notebook with a focus on sample and measurement metadata. With SampleDB, you can track each step in the sample lifecycle and its schema system allows you to define exactly what metadata should be stored for each process, from a simple check box to time series.

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GR Framework


GR is a universal framework for cross-platform visualization applications. Applications range from publication quality 2D graphs to the representation of complex 3D scenes. It can be used in imperative programming systems or modern object-oriented systems, in particular those based on GUI toolkits.

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TRIDEC Cloud merges several complementary external and in-house cloud-based services into one platform for automated background computation, for web-mapping of hazard specific geospatial data, and for serving relevant functionality to handle, share, and communicate threat specific information in a c

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The software FishInspector provides automatic feature detections in images of zebrafish embryos (body size, eye size, pigmentation). It is Matlab-based and provided as a Windows executable (no matlab installation needed).

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Chemotion ELN


Chemotion ELN is an Open Source electronic lab notebook (ELN) for scientists working in chemistry and colleagues from neighboring disciplines, developed and updated at KIT. The web-based application allows the acquisition, management, storage, processing, and sharing of research data.

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RCE is a distributed integration environment for scientists and engineers to analyze, optimize, and design complex systems like aircraft, ships, or satellites.

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