Kadi4Mat is an open-source software for managing research data, which supports close cooperation between experimenters, theorists, and simulators, especially in the field of materials science.

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PaN Training Catalogue for the Photon & Neutron Community


The PaN Training Catalogue is a fork from the TeSS Training Catalogue (ELIXIR) and was initially developed in our Photon and Neutron (PaN) projects ExPaNDS and PaNOSC.

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TRIDEC Cloud merges several complementary external and in-house cloud-based services into one platform for automated background computation, for web-mapping of hazard specific geospatial data, and for serving relevant functionality to handle, share, and communicate threat specific information in a c

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RAFCON uses hierarchical state machines, featuring concurrent state execution, to represent robot programs. It ships with a graphical user interface supporting the creation of state machines and contains IDE like debugging mechanisms.

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Chemotion ELN


Chemotion ELN is an Open Source electronic lab notebook (ELN) for scientists working in chemistry and colleagues from neighboring disciplines, developed and updated at KIT. The web-based application allows the acquisition, management, storage, processing, and sharing of research data.

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