Helmholtz RSD now open for all Helmholtz members

Friday, 17 February 2023Christian Meeßen

Promote your Research Software in the Helmholtz RSD


After six months of testing, HIFIS can finally open the Helmholtz Research Software Directory (RSD) for all Helmholtz members. If you have an account at a Helmholtz Institution, you can now log in to the RSD via the Helmholtz AAI, and start adding your Research Software

What does the RSD offer?

The Helmholtz RSD is tailored to Research Software Engineers and Researchers that want to promote or discover research software. For RSEs, we

  • offer an easy to use platform to present your software in an environment dedicated to research software
  • show where your software has already been mentioned in papers, talks or videos
  • relate your software to other software, projects or organisations
  • provide help to researchers to get your Software cited correctly
  • provide interested users a gateway to get started with your software
  • direct interested users to your code platform

Future plans

The Helmholtz RSD is not yet finished and we just started our journey. We are constantly evaluating and further developing the platform. Please contact us via support@hifis.net or open an issue in our GitHub repository if you have suggestions, critics or anything else you would like to tell us.


The Helmholtz Research Software Directory is an adaption of the Research Software Directory, and we are closely collaborating with the upstream maintainers, the Netherlands eScience Center.