matRad is a dose calculation and inverse treatment planning toolkit for radiotherapy research and education written in Matlab.

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openCARP is a multiscale cardiac electrophysiology simulator for in silico experiments ranging from single heart cells and cardiac tissue to organ models up to the body surface ECG.

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RadiationDosePlan- Image/Biomarker-Outcome-platform (RPB) is a collection of open source software systems integrated via portal to deliver a core software infrastructure necessary to support the operation of non-commercial trials unit.

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hCoCena - horizontal integration and analysis of transcriptomics datasets


hCoCena is an R-package that allows you to comprehensively and easily analyse your transcriptomics data. It also provides the option to integrate several datasets using a network-based integration approach and analyse them jointly. Tutorials and a Docker image exist to help you get to know the tool.

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Prospective Monitoring and Management - App (PIA)


PIA is a free open-source eResearch System for monitoring of incident events and provides a digital infrastructure for conducting population-based studies in any research field - at a study centre or at home. PIA focuses on repeated surveys. #DigitalEpidemiology #LongitudinalDataCollection #FOSS

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