mDIS is a data entry system for geological samples and drilling engineering data.

What mDIS can do for you

mDIS - the mobile Drilling Information System is a data entry system for describing geological data. Such data can be about rock samples, or about any data gathered during field work. Typically mDIS contains information about rock samples. However, at a larger scale, mDIS also contains information about the drilling process and wellholes drilled. At a smaller scale, it contains datasets about core sections and tiny subsamples taken from the rocks, chosen for scientific study. The mDIS software is available on laptops or PCs, where it runs as a VirtualBox virtual machine. The mDIS data-entry system is also available as a website.

User group

The mDIS software is designed for use by professionals, notably Earth Scientists and Drilling Engineers. They can use mDIS to manage datasets important to them.


  • easy and user-friendly data input and file upload
  • data management via forms to insert, edit, delete, find, view, and export/print data
  • different filtering options (hierarchical and custom by values)
  • generation and export reports

The clearly arranged dashboard is composed of different widgets and giving an overview of the general project information, the location of the sites and/or holes, the daily hole advance, the message of the day, a postbox for short messages or an instructions widget for tutorials, summaries, etc. It can be modified personally.

Participating organisations

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

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