ETHOS.PeNALPS (Petri Net Agent based Load Profile Simulator) is a Python library for the simulation of load profiles of plants of industrial manufacturing processes. Load profiles are energy demand time series.


What ETHOS.PeNALPS can do for you

The ETHOS.PeNALPS software is capable of simulating load profiles of industrial manufacturing processes, including steel, paper, and industrial food production. Therefore, the user must model the material flow of industrial processes and the activity of individual machines during production. ETHOS.PeNALPS provides generic objects that can be combined to create these models.

Once the user completes the process model, the model receives a set of production orders to initiate the simulation. The simulation generates a production plan that tracks the activity of each node of the material flow system to fulfill the requested set of orders. Load profiles are then created based on the activity in the production plan.

To model the sequentially required production steps within a network, the nodes request material from each other. A more detailed activity within a process step during such a request can be modeled using a Petri net of states. The states can be as simple as on or off switches or constitute a complex network of states. This approach allows for an extensible number of states that determine their activity and energy demand during production.

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