CADET is a fast and accurate solver for a comprehensive model family. Typical applications include chromatography, filtration, crystallization, and fermentation. The models are solved with state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms and scientific computing techniques.

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The Score-P measurement infrastructure is a highly scalable and easy-to-use tool suite for profiling and event tracing of HPC applications. It offers the user a maximum of convenience by supporting a number of analysis tools like Scalasca, Vampir, Tau, and Extra-P while being open for other tools.

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ChASE is a modern and scalable library to solve dense Hermitian (Symmetric) algebraic eigenvalue problems based on a spectral polynomial filter. The library is fully parallelized, and is particularly effective for sequences of eigenproblems as they often arise in electronic structure theory.

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SMG2S (Sparse Matrix Generator with Given Spectrum) is able to generate large-scale non-Hermitian and non-Symmetric matrices in parallel with the spectral distribution functions or eigenvalues given by users, and the spectrum of generated matrix is the same as the one specified by the users.

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GR Framework


GR is a universal framework for cross-platform visualization applications. Applications range from publication quality 2D graphs to the representation of complex 3D scenes. It can be used in imperative programming systems or modern object-oriented systems, in particular those based on GUI toolkits.

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FormatFuzzer is a framework for high-efficiency, high-quality generation and parsing of binary inputs.

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PIConGPU is a relativistic Particle-in-Cell code running on graphic processing units as well as regular multi-core processors. It is Open Source und is freely available for download.

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matRad is a dose calculation and inverse treatment planning toolkit for radiotherapy research and education written in Matlab.

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Millepede II


Millepede II has been developed to solve the linear least squares problem with a simultaneous fit of all global and local parameters, irrespectively of the number of local parameters.

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NEST is a simulator for spiking neuronal networks. A well tested and efficient tool, NEST works on your laptop and also on the world’s largest supercomputers to study behaviour of large networks of neurons.

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OpenGeoSys (OGS) is a scientific open source project for the development of numerical methods for the simulation of thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes in porous and fractured media.

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openCARP is a multiscale cardiac electrophysiology simulator for in silico experiments ranging from single heart cells and cardiac tissue to organ models up to the body surface ECG.

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