NEST is a simulator for spiking neuronal networks. A well tested and efficient tool, NEST works on your laptop and also on the world’s largest supercomputers to study behaviour of large networks of neurons.

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The instrumentation and measurement framework Score-P, together with analysis tools build on top of its output formats, provides insight into massively parallel HPC applications, their communication, synchronization, I/O, and scaling behaviour to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and their causes.

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PeTrack (Pedestrian Tracking) automatically extracts accurate pedestrian trajectories from video recordings (calibration, recognition, tracking). Individual codes enable personalized trajectories with static information of each participant. With a stereo camera also markerless tracking is possible.

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matRad is a dose calculation and inverse treatment planning toolkit for radiotherapy research and education written in Matlab.

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CADET is a fast and accurate solver for a comprehensive model family of biotechnological processes. Applications include chromatography, filtration, crystallization, and fermentation. The open source software implements state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms and scientific computing techniques.

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openCARP is a multiscale cardiac electrophysiology simulator for in silico experiments ranging from single heart cells and cardiac tissue to organ models up to the body surface ECG.

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JEMRIS is a versatile, open-source, multi-purpose MRI simulator. It is well-suited for research and education.

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Allpix Squared


Allpix Squared is a semiconductor detector simulation framework. The goal of the framework is to provide a complete and easy-to-use package for end-to-end simulations of semiconductor detector performance from incident ionizing radiation until the digitization of hits in the detector chip.

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Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK)


A free and open-source software for the development of interactive medical image processing applications. MITK provides a powerful and free application called the MITK Workbench, which allows users to view, process, and segment medical images.

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The PEPC project (Pretty Efficient Parallel Coulomb Solver) is a public tree code that has been developed at Jülich Supercomputing Centre since the early 2000s. Our code is a non-recursive version of the Barnes-Hut algorithm, using a level-by-level approach to both tree construction and traversals.

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Elephant (Electrophysiology Analysis Toolkit) is an open-source, community centered library for the analysis of electrophysiological data in the Python programming language.

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DL4PuDe is an AI-based framework that automatically detects pushing behavior in crowd videos, leading to a better understanding of pushing dynamics. This knowledge is crucial for better crowd management strategies and better design of public places, making public places more comfortable and safer.

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