ESM-Tools is a toolbox to assist you in running climate and Earth System Model simulations.


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What ESM-Tools can do for you

ESM-Tools (Barbi et. al., 2021) is a modular software infrastructure that allows for seamlessly building, configuration and running of Earth System Models across different High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms (DKRZ-Levante, Jülich-Juwels, HLRN-4’s Lise and Emmy, ECMWF-Atos, ICCP-Aleph, etc.). The software is open-source and distributed through GitHub ( Its design follows the separation of concerns principle by having the functionality suite written in Python, while the configuration files are written in easy-to-read YAML configuration files. The information is organized modularly (different component’s information is kept separated in different files). This allows for the recycling and sharing of this information, by a different research group other than the one that created the corresponding file, even if the complete setup is not identical (different HPC platform, different combination of coupled models, etc). Its functionality can be further extended via its workflow manager that allows for plugging in external applications and Python scripts.

The software is developed at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, jointly with the GEOMAR in Kiel. We are happy to invite more collaborators!

We currently provide support for AWI's own modelling infrastructure, which encompasses the FESOM Ocean Model, the OpenIFS, ECHAM and ICON (WIP) Atmosphere model, the JSBACH and (coming soon) the LPJ-Guess land vegetation models, the PISM ice sheet model, and the VILMA solid earth model. We also provide the infrastructure to also support AWI's Earth System Models, where some of these standalone models are combined into multiple flavors and versions of AWIESM. Similarly GEOMAR’s Marine Meteorology use ESM-Tools as their infrastructure to operate their ESMs FOCI and FOCI-OpenIFS.

Please see the documentation, the ESM-Tools webpage and README.rst in the code repository for additional information.

Participating organisations

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)
Helmholtz Centre For Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR)



Miguel Andrés-Martínez
Paul Gierz
Nadine Wieters
Jan Streffing
Sebastian Wahl